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Rejection is just Redirection

Rejection is just Re-direction. I will say that again Rejection is just Redirection.

Have you felt rejection and thought how could that person reject me, “I have value and I am enough.  Why can’t they see my value.”

If you are trying to Get people to See your Value those people are NOT your people.

You are NOW being Re-directed to the People that are FOR YOU.  The People who are for you Values, Loves, Respect, Appreciate and Accepts You.

I will say that again.  The People who are FOR YOU Values, Loves, Respect, Appreciates and Accepts You.

Think about all the times that you have been rejected and redirected.

You were:
Redirected to the right people. 
Redirected to new opportunities. 
Redirected to rest your body.
Redirected to receive love & blessings.
Redirected to new connections.
Redirected for your protection.
Redirected for your growth.
Redirected to Be You.

The reason you were Redirected to Be You is because whenever you try to connect with someone who is not for you and not your people, you will no longer have to down play or hold back who you are to try to win their approval of you.  

Remember the people who are for you accepts YOU just as you are. You are accepted and so very Loved.

So you see it’s time for you to look a rejection in a whole new way and think about were you really ever rejected because you were redirected.

You don’t have to feel some type of way, if someone that you were trying to make a connection with, connects more with someone else that you know.

Please stop thinking and giving your Beautiful, Valuable and Precious TIME and ENERGY to the People who are not for you and the people that you did not make a connection with.

Focus your time and energy on the People who are FOR YOU and you will attract more of those people to you.

Whoever you give your time and energy to you will attract more of, so please make sure that’s the type of people and energy that you want to attract to your Life.

People who don’t Value, Love, Respect, Appreciates and Accepts You.


People who Value, Love, Respect, Appreciates and Accepts You.

You Decide.  Good DAY.

❤️Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright © 2021 Face of Hope and Beauty

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