Choosing to Love

Open to Receive Love

Are You Open to Receive Love? 

I use to struggle with receiving love from others because of the negative beliefs that I had about love.  I had believed that I wasn’t good enough for love or that I didn’t do enough so that I can receive love. These passed couple of years I have adopted New Beliefs about Love and I have learned to be Open to Receive Love.

I deserve to be loved and you deserve to be loved.  We can be open to receive Love.  

Some days if I’m allowing myself to focus on the negative self-talk in my mind, I find myself not as open to receive Love. So one of the things that I do to make sure that I’m Open to Receive Love, is to speak out some positive affirmations.  

This is one of my favorite affirmations below.

“I am Open to Receive Love.”

“I am Open to Receive all the Love and all the Blessings that are for me Today.”

Another way that helps me to continue to be open to receive Love is to take a moment in my day to meditate on all the people who has shown me love.  This is such a beautiful, powerful and uplifting meditation. 

I don’t just picture my love ones showing me love, I picture the love that I have shown myself and I picture everyone who has ever shown me love. From a simple Smile, a Kind word or Gesture from a stranger, to a Hug, a Kiss or Gift from a Love One and to the moments that I have built myself up, created and God has been with me, I meditate on those things.

I choose to See myself Surrounded by Love.  When we are and feel Surrounded by LOVE we welcome Abundance into our Lives and into our World.

Receive Love Today. I hope that what I shared helps.

With Love and Light,

❤️Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright © 2021 Face of Hope and Beauty

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