Choosing to Thrive

From Fear to Love

This coming May I will be Celebrating 5 Years of Choosing to Love Myself and LIVE.  As I look back at my Growth I am truly Amazed and beyond Grateful for my Life. I was in such a Dark place just five years ago and having attempted suicide in the past, I had a plan to commit suicide.

Then History was made May of 2014 right before Mother’s Day as a Miracle was Awakened within me as I Chose Life.  I am a Miracle.  My Life is a Miracle. We are all Wonderful and Beautiful Miracles of God.

I went:


If you are facing Pain, Anxiety, Lack, Hopelessness, Sickness, Fear, Confusion and feeling Powerless please know that:

# 1.  You are More Powerful than you think and You will get through this.💥

# 2.  You are Amazingly Beautiful and so very Loved.❤️

# 3.  You will Heal.  Please be patient with yourself and give yourself TIME to grow.🌱

# 4.  You are not alone, I am here CHEERING for You!!!! There are many many resources out there that can help/guide you to Building Yourself Up on your Journey 💛

# 5.  Lastly,  You are the Face of Hope and Beauty.  Your Beautiful Life Brings Hope and SHINES Beauty everywhere that You go.  Thank You for Being You 💋

P.S.  If you would like you can read my full Story by Clicking on my website menu button then Click on the tab Our Story.

❤️ Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker
Copyright 2019

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