Choosing to Love

Love Lives Here

E2ED9992-7122-4204-8CEA-CCAF15FEFB05What if you could SEE and Feel Love everywhere that you go? What does Love looks like and feel like to you?

Now I want you to close your eyes and picture Love in your Home, Love at your Job, Love at your Business, Love with your Family, Love with your Friends, Love with your Acquaintances, Love at the Stores where you shop, Love with the People (complete strangers) at Places that you go, Love with Yourself, Love with God and Love in Nature. Do you see it? Do you feel it?

Love is POWERFUL!! Love is so Powerful that the definition of Love is incorrect in the dictionary. Love is more than just an intense feeling of deep affection. It’s more than a sexual or romantic attachment.

Love is Life. Life is Love. Love can connect every single Person on the face of this earth. Love is Healing. Love is Breathing. Love is Centered.  Love is every cell, organs and ligaments that makes up our bodies. Love is God and God is Love. We are Love. I Give Love and I Receive Love Everywhere that I Go. Love Lives Here.

Someone asked me serval months ago how do I give Love and receive Love everywhere that I go. Here’s my answer and by the way this has been one of the hardest articles that I have ever written but extremely POWERFUL and Life Changing.

Giving LOVE Everywhere

I Give Love with my Kind Words, Kind Actions and Kind Thoughts to Myself, to my God, to my Husband, to my Children, to my Family, to my Friends, to my Acquaintances, to Nature and to People who cross my path.  A side-note if someone cross my path and I feel intuitively something not right about that person, I still give Love by praying for that person and I will keep it moving.  I give Love by forgiving myself and others, letting go of any negative, fearful, or guilt that tries to poison my mind.  This has not been easy to do especially when my mindset was so used to feeding fear and not love but I choose to feed Love.  I give Love by accepting and valuing who I Am, allowing my Beauty and my Gifts to shine through, speaking my Truth.

9E96A565-48AB-4A7F-A140-1ED7FA6F53A8Receiving LOVE Everywhere

I receive Love when my Family, Friends and People Speak Life and Kind words to me.  I receive Love from my supportive husband, family and friends.  I receive Love from the Hugs and Kisses the my Husband and Children give to me.  I receive Love knowing that God is with me, for me and that everything in my Life is working for my benefit.  I receive Love in and through my problems and situations from the wisdom and growth that is birth in me.  I receive Love when a complete stranger stands up for me, fixed my tire for free, pull my car out of the snow, supports my business, smiles and speaks to me.  I receive Love from Nature with the breeze, rain, snow, trees, birds and the Sun Shining so brightly on me that it Kisses my face.

9AED3920-B084-472F-BBAB-04788F230A72As we GIVE and RECEIVE Love Everywhere that we go it Speaks Gratitude. It’s our appreciation and willingness to give Love everywhere and to receive ALL the Love around us that will truly change this world.

That is why we’re having a GIVEAWAY on our Face of Hope and Beauty Instagram page to remind us all that LOVE is in Us and ALL around us and for us to Choose to feed LOVE and not fear. We GIVE Love and We RECEIVE Love Everywhere that we go.

To Enter this Love Lives Here GIVEAWAY go to our faceofhopeandbeauty Instagram Page by clicking on this Link Below and then click on the picture post Love Lives Here and read the information on how to enter this Lovely GIVEAWAY. We’re GIVING away a $25.00 TJ Maxx Gift Card, a $25.00 Victoria’s Secret Gift Card, an Icing Store Necklace, a Love Lives Here Inspirational Body Towel and Picture Magnet by Shutterfly.

Love Lives Here.

❤️ Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty
Lifestyle Coach | Model Life Speaker

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