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Clutter Is The Devil

IMG_3117I love the scene from the movie The WaterBoy where the Mom (Famous actress Kathy Bates) called everything and everyone the Devil. She was hilarious!!! I feel like some of us are calling everything else the devil in our Lives and who the ReaL devil is in our lives, is being over looked. I truly believe that Clutter is the Devil and here’s Why.

Clutter will Steal your Time, Peace, Joy, Energy, Stuff and Money.

Clutter will paralyze you, distract you, scream at you and make you forgetful.

Still not convinced that Clutter is the Devil.

Clutter can make you sick and stress you out.

Clutter will and have block Opportunities from you this year that you were not able to SEE because of all the clutter around you and in your mind.

It’s TIME to Declutter our Lives!!

First thing First don’t feel overwhelmed, You Can Do It!!


I am here for You and Cheering us both on. Yes, we both are Decluttering our Lives, so we are not alone. Yay!!!

This is my Disclaimer: Please Declutter Your Life at your own pace and risk. Decluttering can be stressful and if you have any medical issues please seek your Doctor or medical advice before Decluttering. I am not a doctor and your health and wellbeing is my utmost concern. With that being said Happy Decluttering.

Second, pick one area or thing in your Life that you would like to Declutter first and Finish it through.  A side note Decluttering your Mind is on a Daily basis.

Examples of things to Declutter:
Office space
Laundry Room
Basement or Shed
Email InBox (Deleted old emails and Unsubscribe to anything that is not adding to you.)  Also delete old Text Messages.
Declutter your Mind of Negative thoughts daily and meditate on Positive Thoughts throughout your day.

You’re probably thinking, wait a minute that sounds a lot like Spring Cleaning and it’s not Spring time yet.  Nope, it’s not Spring time yet and we’re not going to wait until Spring time to Declutter our Lives.

Third, give everything in your Home a Home. Every item in your home should have its own special place and home, so that you know where it is. Any items that doesn’t have a home in your home donate it or throw it away. Yikes!!! Yes, Let it Go.

If we Choose to hold on to things in our Lives that are not adding to us, then we are allowing those things to TAKE from us. We must Let them Go.

Let the Clutter aka Devil Go!!


7 Benefits of Decluttering our Lives.

PEACE of Mind and Clarity. I Can think.

“Money Money Money, Money”
Increase in your Life. Even if your increase is from a $2.00 or $50.00 rebate that you remember to mail in.

Mood Boost, JOY JOY and more JOY. Having things in order in our Lives Feels So Good and will boost our moods.

More Energy!!!! Yay!!!! Now that clutter is no longer screaming at us and that pressure is removed from us, we are more energized for the day.

Good Health!! There has been studies that has shown when people have removed clutter from their lives, their overall health Increased.  Talk about Amazing!!

More TIME.  Yes, we will gain more TIME because Clutter will no longer paralyze us and we will know where all our items are.

New Opportunities!!  With our Eyes completely open, we will SEE all the Beautiful New Opportunities all around us to walk through.

I am so very Excited about us going into this New Year Living Clutter Free!!  Woohoo!!

Please Feel Free to Share this article and share with me the progress that you have made.

❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope and Beauty

9 thoughts on “Clutter Is The Devil”

  1. Charmaine, this post is so timely. I started my decluttering process last week before leaving for vacation. I just finished another room today. YAY ME!!! Prior to that God gave me my theme for 2018…”Decently and In Order”. I don’t function well when there is no order and things are not planned out. Disorder/clutter has stolen my time and money long enough. I’m ready to declutter every aspect of my life. I know that doing so will help me be a better me mentally, physically, spiritually, and financially.

    Thanks again for sharing this post. It serves as confirmation for me.

    Continued blessings to you. ❤

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  2. God speaks just when you need it the most. This is a right on time reminder of where i am in my life. God does things decent & in order. Where there is no order there can be no peace. Where there is clutter is confusion, frustration,& lack of clarity… sounds like the devil to me! Love this!

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  3. Hello Char,
    I enjoyed the article. I have been working on decluttering and this article definitely reienforced my ability to do so. I tend to be a hoarder and hold onto unnecessary things until the invalid reasoning for keeping it no longer exists but still, it’s a waste of of time and space. Thanks so much!


  4. Charmaine this was a good read. I know personally when my room is cluttered, I feel like my mind is as well. I agree that when things are clean, I have more joy, peace etc. I’m so proud of you. Keep sharing your wisdom, heart, and light with the world.

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  5. My beautiful, amazing friend Charmaine I’m so proud of you. This was right on time for the new year. Such a great informative read.


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