Choosing to Thrive

This Is What A Champion Looks Like


Today, I pulled myself out of bed with cold symptoms to do my morning run.  I felt that running would help my body to fight off and burn up that cold virus. With my head pounding and nose stuffy, I started to run.

Whenever I run, I do seven laps and during and at the end of each lap I speak words of affirmation over me. I ran the first lap and spoke that I am Awake. As I proceeded to do my second lap the negative thoughts started rolling in.

You should only do four laps. You don’t feel well. You can’t breathe. You should run then walk. You need tissues for your nose. It’s to hot. You should just give up.

At that very moment I knew that I needed to SEE myself at the Finish Line six more times. I also knew that my Champion voice needed to be the louder voice. I pushed myself to not focus on my physical resistance, with the hot hot sun beaming down on me and the wind pushing against me. I told myself in my mind and out loud over and over again that God is with me and I can do it.

I finished laps number two, three and four and gain what I would call it Supernatural Strength. God is truly with me. I was now excited to do and finished laps five, six and seven. It was still hard but because I had already determined that I would finish gave me great JOY.

You see a Champion always sees him or herself at the finish line long before they ever get there!! We are all Champions and we are all running in this race called LIFE. We must push through the resistance, SEE ourselves at the finish line in every situation and circumstances that we go through and Win!!!

Yeah I get it, it’s crazy hot (your circumstances) and you want to give up, but you’re a Champion and Champions don’t give up.

My shirt says “Go Fight WIN”.
Go with God and Fight through the resistance that’s coming against you and WIN the life you always wanted now.
Be blessed!!  Please share this article with your family and friends and Hastag a picture of yourself with it stating

“This IS What A Champion Looks Like.”

Because we are all Champions!!
❤️Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

Copyright 2016

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