Choosing to Live



I was just looking back at some of my old bills from 2015. I remember how I felt then, I was so afraid that my family wasn’t going to make it with all the bills, lack of food and problems that we were having. What’s crazy is that this wasn’t the first time that my family had been in a place like this and we have always made it THROUGH because we are Blessed and God is Faithful.

But for some reason I believed that when everything was going well in my life that meant that I was so Blessed.  Then when some Problems (situations and circumstances) in my life would arise that meant that I wasn’t blessed. This was such a Lie, that I had believed.

You see, I’m not just Blessed when all my bills are paid and everything is going well in my Life. I’m Blessed because I walk with God and in the FAVOR of God. God is with Me and I am with Him.

Blessed Is Who I Am.

❤️Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty

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