Choosing to Love

My Greatest Victory


I remember it like it was yesterday, it was May of 2014 and right before Mother’s Day.  I was depressed and coming to the end of a breakdown that I was having and I was going to commit suicide. This wasn’t the first time that I had thought about committing suicide, many years ago as a teen I had tried to commit suicide.

This time I really felt Hopeless like I did not belong here and I felt like everyone else lives would be better off if I wasn’t here, including my wonderful husband and six beautiful children.  It was the darkest place that I have ever been in my whole entire Life because I could no longer See one good thing about myself and I hated everything about me.

So one day, I came up with a plan to commit suicide.  The moment before I did it, I heard God’s voice speak to my heart and say if you do that you are sinning. I tried to reason with God and say that I won’t be sinning because I don’t even belong here. At that very moment God placed it on my heart to call my husband and tell him what I was about to do.

My husband came home and was encouraging me not to do it. Then he said something that I could not shake he said that I was the Face of Hope to many and if I committed suicide I would hurt a lot of people. He said some more things too, but all I kept thinking about was that I was the Face of Hope.

After we were done talking I went and looked at my Face in my bathroom mirror and spoke out of my mouth that I was the Face of Hope. Then I heard God speak to my heart and say that I’m not just the Face of Hope, I am the Face of Hope & Beauty. I believe the reason why God added the Beauty part there at the end, is because I needed to See and believe that I was beautiful on the inside and out.  So I spoke out of my mouth that, I am the Face of Hope and Beauty.  Words are so very powerful because those words gave me Hope to See me and all the great and wonderful things about me.

This was a life changing moment for me, because at that very moment all those lies that my foundation had been built on for years all came crashing down. You see for years my foundation was being built on a bunch of lies.  Lies that I’m no good, lies that I can’t do anything right, lies that I’m unloved, lies that I’m worthless, lies that I’m stupid and the biggest lie that I don’t matter, and that I should take my life.

Having a breakdown is a very ReaL thing and I don’t know if I would still be here if it had not been for God and my husband.  I had to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough and eradicate all those lies.  My foundation is now being BUILT on a bunch of truths. Just to name a few, my Life Matter and I Matter, God loves me, I am Beautiful, I am Valuable, I am Brilliant, I am Enough and good Enough, I am greatly Loved and many more!!!

Face of Hope and Beauty was birth in a moment of my greatest pain and then in a moment of my Greatest VICTORY, to Choose to Love Myself and truly Live.  I am so very excited to empower others to Choose to Love, Choose to Live and Choose to Thrive in Life!!

If you are thinking about commiting suicide please tell someone and seek out for help.  You matter, You MATTER!!!!

God Loves you!!!  He created you on Purpose and for a Purpose!!!!  Choose Life as I did and make this your Greatest Victory!!

❤️ Charmaine Moore Face of Hope & Beauty.

Copyright 2016

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