Choosing to Live

Life Reminders

Whenever I’m grieving the lost of a loved one, I am reminded to Love Bigger, to Be Present, to SHINE my Light all the more and to Just Breathe.

So, today I’m reminding myself to:

Love Bigger with the Love that I give to myself, to my loved ones and to everyone who crosses my path.

Be Present in this Beautiful World, Embracing and Seeing all Love and Beauty around me.

SHINE my Light with who I Am, with all my gifts, talents and life force, never holding back.

Just Breathe in my healing breaths and exhale out all my pain.

If you are going through a grieving process in your life right now I’m sending Love, Light and Prayers Your way.  I hope that what I shared encourages you.

P.S If you have an Instagram Account, I just share a Video today of encouragement about Life Reminders on my Face of Hope and Beauty Instagram Page @ faceofhopeandbeauty

Love Charmaine Moore

Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

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