Choosing to Love

Sending Love

Sending a Whole lot of LOVE and Light Your Beautiful Way Today.


Sending Love Challenge💌:

During this Social Distancing I Challenge You to send some Love and Light to someone today.  Call, Face Time, Text, E-mail or SHARE this Post but send some LOVE Someone’s Way!!  If You Accept this Challenge Comment in the Comment section below (Sending Love).58290E4A-EBCE-4269-9FEF-DC7BE89CC564
Please know that we will get through this together.  We are Stronger, Braver and Wiser than we think!!!  Please take Baby Steps in this uncertain time and storm.  With every STEP that you take to Care for Yourself and Love Ones you are making this World a Better Place.  Thank You for Being Brave and thank You for Being You!!

Remember Love is POWERFUL and Love Can and Will Lift this World Up.  I am Praying for Us all.

❤️ Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

10 thoughts on “Sending Love”

  1. How sweet it is to love and to be loved! Thank you for this reminder. I’ve let my self care go lacking with all the pressures of sudden change. I appreciate this reminder!

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