Choosing to Live

Beauty through the Pain

648BA2CE-FF14-4F69-A9F5-C43C17659AFEWhen facing hurt and pain how do you cope, heal and deal with it?  We are all going to experience pain and some more than others. I know you’re thinking who the F**k wants to experience pain.  I don’t understand why some of us experience more pain than others but what I can say is that ALL the PAIN that I have ever experienced has been apart of My Life Process.

The pain that was really hard for me to deal with was the pain of grieving a friendship that had ended. Don’t get my wrong the pain of grieving a Love one who has passed away is some hard shit too but when I would grieve the lost of a friendship and that person is still ALIVE my mind would have a hard time processing that pain.  I would just shut down and be numb because I did not know what to do.  I missed out on a bunch of Beautiful moments and time in my life not knowing how to process that pain.

So over the years I learned to put some Tools in place to help me Face, Process and to use Pain as fuel for me to THRIVE.

1.  First and foremost give Yourself permission to cry because crying is a HUGE release.

2.  Choose to See Pain as a Building Block. Ask yourself this question when you’re faced with a painful situation:  What Wisdom and Growth is on the other side of my pain?  Asking yourself this question will help to put you into a Warrior State of Mind and not as a Victim State of Mind.  A Victim State of Mind doesn’t want to face pain but you are not a Victim you are a Warrior.

3.  See the Beauty through the Pain.  Yes, I took this line from one of my playlist songs by Imagine Dragons song titled BELIEVERS. Believe it or not there is Beauty in our Pain.  The Beauty is YOU!!  The Beauty is You standing Tall in the mist of everything that you’re going through, the Beauty of You leaning on others for support as you face your pain, the Beauty of You continuing to spread love and kindness while going through your pain and the Beauty of You Trusting God through Your Life Process, KNOWING that Everything is Happening for Your Benefit.

If you are facing pain in your life right now, I’m sending you the BIGGEST HUG your Beautiful Way.

Please lets Connect, share in the Comment section below what tools have you used to help you face pain.  I would love to hear your Heart.

Love Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright 2020 Face of Hope and Beauty

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