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Giving Voice to SAAM and Survivors

It was on my heart to Speak Up and Give Voice to Survivors.  April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month #SAAM

Please Click on the Video. 

I was sexually assaulted as a child and teen.  I was molested and I was raped.  As much as I have spoken about in person and on paper it is still very hard for me to speak about it on camera.  

I’m here Today, I am here to let Survivors know that I Support You.  I Stand with You. I would encourage you to be patient with yourself and your healing progress.  I’m sending Love, Light and Strength your Beautiful way.  You are not alone!!  You are not forgotten.  I am here with You.

I have listed some resources on this post.  Please check it out and Know that You Matter.

Sexual assault is a crime and is not something that should ever be taken lightly.  Please do not be afraid to speak out.  I am hear for you.

The National Sexual Assault Hotline1.800.656.4673 RAINN 

NWI Fair Haven Rape Crisis

The Younique Foundation

Me Too Movement

Resilience Chicago

National Sexual Violence Resource

Please Please SHARE this because you may never know what a person has faced or is facing. Thank You!!

❤️Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty 
Lifestyle Coach| Model | Life Speaker

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