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Making Homeschool FUN

I started a Reward system for my children during their e-Learning Homeschooling days for work completion and behavior.  I loved how my children school would have their reward system and reward days at their school before everyone was quarantined.  So I decided to implement my very own reward system for e-Learning.  My Kids Love Getting Rewards and Prizes!!!

Reward Prize Bin 

My daughter Alexis made a Reward chart for me to keep track of the Reward system and she also helped me create our reward bin.

When my children completed all their school work for the day and had good behavior, they will get to color in one square on our Reward chart.  Then they will get to pick a small piece of candy or a small toy as their reward.  When my children have ten squares colored and completed they will get to pick one of the Bigger Prizes from our Reward Bin.

With Easter candy and toys being on sale/clearance made creating our Reward Bin not very expensive at all and so much FUN to create.  I’m so very Grateful to have purchased toys and candy ranging from only 25 cent up to a dollar from Meijer, Walmart and  Dollar Tree Store Easter Clearance.  Also our Reward Bin has now outgrown its original bin and we just had to separate the toys and the candy because it was overflowing.


For GYM time my Children do Just Dance for 10-15 minutes.  I truly enjoy watching my children connect together and sometimes I would join in their Just Dance GYM time Fun.

Here’s a little Inspiration from the Moore Kids.  These kids gives me Hope and Life.  Their Kindness, Love and Passion for Life is contagious!!  I just wanted to send a little Hope and Love your Beautiful Way Today from the Moore Kids.


Xavier said:
“Everything will be okay.”

Evan said:
“Sending You a Hug.”

Alexander said:
“Be Nice.”

Alexis said:
“Have Hope.”

Have FUN making your e-learning Homeschooling Days FUN.

❤️Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright 2020 Face of Hope and Beauty

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