Choosing to Thrive

Listen to Your Gut

Listen to your Gut.  Your Gut is your Beautiful and Powerful God Given Intuition.

You are being elevated to NEW HEIGHTS in your Life.  So listen so that you can know what’s your next move.  EnJOY the View!!

Here are 3 ways to Practice Listening to Your Beautiful and Powerful Intuition.

1.  Take two to three moments throughout your day to sit quietly and meditate.  Preferably Morning, Afternoon and Evening.  

2.  Listen to Your Body.  Yes listen to your body!!  We have been conditioned to ignore our body signals in our everyday grind.  As you go throughout your day ask yourself a simple question:  “What do I need today?”  Then take a note pad out and write what you hear in your mind.  Then LISTEN by giving your body what you need.  If you need Rest then give your body Rest but practice listening to your body.

3.  The Best way to listen to your intuition is to STOP second-guessing yourself and Listen to Your Gut.  A couple of years ago I had a very hard time tuning into my intuition because I had allowed some people to try to get me to think like them.  First let me say “I Am Me.  I don’t think like everyone else.”  Those past connections caused me to second-guess every move that I had made, that I could not even trust myself.  Not trusting yourself (intuition) makes it very hard to live in your own body, lol.🙄

So again I say, STOP second-guessing yourself and Listen to Your Gut.  If you miss it at least you are practicing your intuition.  That is Growth not perfection.

By the way “Happy Earth DAY 🌍  Give this Earth some LOVE by doing the things that Your Intuition has been telling YOU to do.  

For me I feel in my gut that it is time for me to start recycling.  Remember Change is Good.

With Love and Light,

❤️Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty 
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright © 2021 Face of Hope and Beauty 

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