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Mindful Gratefulness Challenge

8D9003E7-696D-40F9-9E4D-79F0B6BA6B48Hello 💛
I created this Mindful Gratefulness Challenge. Will you join this Challenge with me?

✨Mindful Gratefulness✨

1. 📢Speak Out every Hour one thing that you are Grateful for.  (This is from the time that you wake up in the morning until your bedtime.)

2. 🚫 No Judging, Complaining or Comparing (Speaking or Thinking)

3. If you JCC (Judge, Complain or Compare) you will have to Speak Out Five additional things that you are Grateful for.

Challenge Starts November 3rd through November 30th but please feel free to jump in and start this Challenge as soon as you read this article.

I’m Super Excited for us to See our Growth and Blessings from doing this Challenge.

Please feel free to Comment or Share any Feedback below on how things are going for you as you do this Mindful Gratefulness Challenge.  I would love to hear from You and your Comments and Feedback will inspire others too!!  Thank YOU!!


Bonus KIDS Mindful Gratefulness Challenge:  Have your Children Speak Out one thing that they are grateful for in the morning, afternoon and at bedtime.  This can also be used as the Modified version of this Challenge for Adults too.

❤️Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty
Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright 2019 Face of Hope and Beauty

4 thoughts on “Mindful Gratefulness Challenge”

  1. I love this idea! I just sent this challenge to a few of my close family and friends. I’m excited to see how I feel in the upcoming week. Just in time for that time of year when stress, weather, and holiday obligations start weighing on you.

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  2. I’m in! There is nothing better than a challenge to think better! I’m sure God will appreciate the hourly check in! Mindfulness is a discipline I’m working on. Thanks for this!

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  3. 💜It’s nice to talk about the things we are grateful for without judgement nor complaints.
    I am grateful that friends, new and old, are reaching out to one another, checking to make sure everyone is okay. I am also grateful for my family being healthy without any major issues and for my husband who has stuck by my side through everything.💜

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