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1.  SelfLove is Being who I truly am Unapologetically.💗

2.  SelfLove is Acknowledging my areas of improvement in me and then giving myself PERMISSION and the Time/Energy that I need to Grow.🌸

3.  SelfLove is Accepting everything about who I Am and Loving all of Me.💗

4.  SelfLove is Believing in myself and Never giving up on me.🌸

5.  SelfLove is Seeing my Value and Beauty then Treasuring and Protecting

6. SelfLove is Receiving all the LOVE around me and not allow past hurts to define Me or my future. I Choose to Receive Love.🌸

7. SelfLove is Maintaining my Happiness, my PURE Joy. It is my JOB to maintain my own Happiness and no one else.💗

8.  SelfLove is Knowing that I Am a masterpiece of God’s creation, created in the image and Likeness of God and I Am more POWERFUL than I could ever imagine.🌸

9.  SelfLove is Awaking the Greatness inside of me and SHINING with all my Love and Light.💗


SelfLove is Being, Acknowledging, Accepting, Believing, Seeing, Receiving, Maintaining, Knowing and Awaking.

shine love2

💕Charmaine Moore
Face of Hope and Beauty

Lifestyle Coach | Model | Life Speaker

Copyright 2019 Face of Hope and Beauty


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