Choosing to Love

Turn UP Your Light💡

On December 3rd of 2016, I typed in my notes on my cell phone that I have a modeling contract with Goodwill. Then on May 3rd of 2017, I entered The Amazing Looks contest to Win a modeling contract with the Goodwill of Wisconsin and the Metro Chicago area and I Won.


On Friday July 21st 2017, I turned UP my LIGHT like never before during my Amazing Looks photo shoot with Goodwill.


It took a great team of Professional, Amazing and truly Kindhearted people to bring out the BEST in someone. I will never forget the LOVE and Synergy that I felt during my entire modeling shoot. The beautiful compliments that were given to me by the Goodwill team helped to bring healing to my heart.


No one in that room besides my wonderful husband knew how I was talked about and made fun of as a child for having my beautiful full lips. What’s interesting is that very feature on my face was celebrated and praised that day, erasing the pass negative words forever. Words are truly Powerful and can Heal. I went there for a modeling shoot and left there SHINING Like never before.

81E08B70-8C70-4659-ADE7-98BE8634A4D3Thank you so very much to Bjorn Nasett Fashion Stylist Expert, John Grant Photography, Kitty Tierney, Sarah and Clarissa of Impressions Day Spa, Jamie Goodwill associate and my loving husband Lyle for helping me to SHINE. I am truly grateful for you all and for this Opportunity.  Thank You!!


My @faceohabeauty Twitter account tweet after my modeling shoot on July 21st. “ I felt so Loved and like a Supermodel. Thank you Goodwill for the AMAZING photo shoot.”






“There comes a point in your Life where You must SHINE as Bright as you can and Keep on Shining.  Never turning down your Light for no one.”

It’s time for You to Turn Up Your Light!💡

For more of my Amazing Looks from Goodwill click on the link Below then scroll down on that page. Enjoy!!

❤️Charmaine Moore Face of Hope and Beauty

Copyright 2018

13 thoughts on “Turn UP Your Light💡”

  1. You’re amazing and beautiful – inside and out. Look for you on the next issue of Vogue. Blessings and love always , Esthet

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  2. This is giving me life!! I am so proud of you. I needed to hear these words today. You are living your best life. Keep shining bright and sharing it with the world. Congratulations

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